8 Short Tips for Effective Start

1. Your changes are automatically saved every 30 seconds. You do not have to think about continuous saving by means of Ctrl+S. You can leave your activities unfinished and close the application. When you re-open the application, you will be at the same point as before.

2. Every 60 seconds (or by publishing) the colleagues´changes are automatically synchronised with yours.

3. Smart Share® ECM contains top menu and four constant bars (Messages, List of tasks, Overview, Notebook). Your documents are opened in free sheets. Black letters of the sheet inform you that the document is in stage of the last publishing, the sheet marked by blue letters is unfinished.

4. Application has intelligent menu that changes according to the cursor location on the desktop. You will keep only those changes at your disposal that you can make. Example: If the cursor is located in your task, „Context menu: Task“ appear and, at the same time, in another menu all functions that you cannot use will be deactivated.

5. You will set your new groups (Organisation units) and thematic fields in the top menu of Organisation.

6. Each document (desktop) has its heading. You can determine here which Group the document belongs to, according to which thematic fields you will find it easily in the future, and who is the responsible person. You will find here automatically inducted authors, attached document ID, time of the last change, stage and whether the document belongs to the templates

7. After the opening of the document heading, click into the space above the document title. In the opened windows found the Group that can change the document and also the Groups below that will keep the document only for reading at their disposal.

8. If you are satisfied with the work on your document and you want to publish the changes for the others, use „Publish your changes“ in the left bottom menu „Cooperation“.

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