Knowledge Development

Key benefits:

You will easily interconnect the know-how of your work teams and lower the number of necessary staff meetings.
Thanks to the fulltext search you keep personalised knowledge base at the your disposal.
The cooperation in your company ist smarter and more efficient.
The best knowledge you share on-line.


Cooperate with your colleagues no matter where in the world you are

Work on the same document on-line, cooperate on your shared tasks or projects. In real time. The unique collision avoidance system ensures that you do not do additional work. If you work on the same part of the document as your colleague does, you are informed about it. You always know the development of the project and when, who made changes.

Increase the efficiency of your meetings

Get rid of administration stress. Our Tip: Write down meeting report also with the actual tasks into SS directly. Only one click, and you can send the report to your colleagues and watch the completion of the tasks in the whole team.

Take use of company wikipedia

Share your documents, projects, discussions and knowledge in SS, interconnect them by means of wiki functions and create a fulltext searchable company wikipedia.

Delegate the tasks in the teams

With one click away you give task to your colleague an you can also specify its priority and the date of completion. Your colleugues see the task that should be done with an immediate overview of the task context.

Discuss in context - immediately to the core

Initiate the discussion with other users straight in the document, task or requirement and make the situation clear without emails and other systems

Share your know-how secretly

You can found a hidden virtual team, you will set the rights for access or determinate who can read the results of your work.

Create Brain Trust on-line from your organisation

Take use of the potential of the cooperative persons fully. Develop, make efficient, cooperate and share the best proceedings, experience and knowledge.